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I quit smoking for my five years old sister

"then my younger sister ask me..why do you need to smoke? I cannot answer actually.."

I quit smoking for my five years old sister! Ex smoker shares the success of her quit smoking process, showing that family love is a drive to quit smoking.

Jeremie Moraga - Proud Smoking Quiter

Jeremie Moraga

Im 24 years old 20 i do start smoking first i find it as my escape especially when i am stress and tired..i smoke like there is no tomorrow.. then my younger sister ask me..why do you need to smoke? I cannot answer actually..maybe i dont know the exact answer...then she said again ''it is bad in your health and also in me'' she is only 5 years old that time....that day i promise her that i try not to smoke again.. and also i dont want my younger sister or anybodyelse to suffer of a 2nd hand smoke... And now i didnt try to smoke since then....1 year and 2months!!!!! and even my dad i do convince him not to smoke... So guys think think...its not too late (:

Hi Jeremie, did anyone influence you to start smoking, such as urging you to do it or even offering you a cigarette?

most of my friend is a smoker so i admit that they do influence me...and also maybe im curiuos that time, then i become a chainsmoker .. i laugh when someone say to me "dont smoke please"

Did smoking really help you to relax and gather back your strength?

Did smoking really help me and to relax and gather back my strength?
* i might say that time "yes" its my way of relieving stress..and also when im bored i smoke alot...

* and if i could turn back time, i chose not to i realized that there are so many ways to relax and to relieved stress without cigarettes...and i can say that i feel better since i stop smoking (:

How did you manage to quit smoking? Did you just quit suddenly or you use some tools?

uhm at first i thought i cant quit coz when i saw someone is smoking..cant help myself but to light one...there something in my mind pushing me to is very hard to stop in just one click, anyone who smoke knows it ...but also there is a part of me saying ''its enough''...i know also its for my own sake.....not that i make a promised wid my younger sister but i want to prove to myself that i can stop it..its a matter of determination is there ..and also a big moral supports of my good friends...step by step... Day passes by lessen of stick..until one day i didnt think of smoking...and i do started to hate it ....yup i do really hate it even the smell of cigarettes..unbelievable?? Believe it coz i did (: And there's a time my friend who still a smoker until now ask me ''why do you stop smoking? Why do you need to stop it? i replied '' ask yourself if what is the benifits that u can get in smoking and then u will find the answer '' And now i can proudly say that ''I totally QUIT'' (:

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