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Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Seagull flying There are treatments and medication to aid you to quit smoking. If you prefer to stay away from all chemical-based products, you may want to consider quitting smoking naturally. There are two ways of quitting smoking naturally.

The first way to quit smoking naturally is known as cold turkey technique. It means a sudden stop of a habit, in this case, smoking. It requires no preparation. The smoker would just stop smoking like as if he has not been doing it. This method is for smokers who have just begun to take up smoking, probably for a couple of months or less.

The second method to quit smoking naturally is to reduce the number of cigarette gradually over a period of time. For example, a smoker usually smokes a packet of cigarette every day. He will start by reducing it to ten sticks per day for the next week. As for the following week, he will keep the number of cigarettes at eight. As it goes by, he will be smoking at most six cigarette sticks per day, and to four, two and finally to a complete stop. Depends on the smoker's willpower, he can set his target at a faster or slower pace. For sure, he should not overestimate himself because if he fails to meet his plan on any day, he may give it up completely.

Other ways to quit smoking

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