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Quit Smoking Checklist (Chart)

A Quit Smoking Checklist, also known as Quit Smoking Chart, Quit Smoking Progress Chart or Give Up Smoking Calendar (you can also use it as Quit Smoking Time Table). It is used to record down the number of cigarette smoked in a certain time period. This is often helpful for a smoker to quit smoking gradually. Start tracking the number of cigarette you smoke daily and aim to cut down on the number for the next day!

We have drafted out a Quit Smoking Checklist (quit smoking chart) below for you. You may download the printable quit smoking checklist at the bottom in PDF format. Hope it is helpful to you and your loved ones.

Quit smoking checklist (chart) free for download This Quit Smoking Checklist divides the days into intervals of half an hour (30 minutes) so that you can monitor the number of cigarette stick you smoke daily. This will help you to find out which time of the day your craving for cigarette is higher, so that you can plan more activities into the time slot, as to distract yourself from cigarette smoking.

The days are listed from 01 to 31 so that you can use the checklist either at the start of the month or any day which you start to quit smoking, to track your quit smoking progress.

This Quit Smoking Checklist is contributed by to help the public and is free for personal use. Nobody, at any point of time, is allowed sell it.

Version 1.0 - 15 July 2010

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