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How to Help Someone Quit Smoking?

If you are a smoker, you should get your friends to read this in order to help you to quit smoking.

If you are thinking of how to help someone quit smoking now, be prepared that it may not be as easy as what you are thinking. By helping someone to quit smoking, you are doing a very good deed, but it is not something you can see result instantly. Cutting down a few sticks of cigarette per day is never an easy job for the smokers as well.

Perhaps, you may be thinking hard how to help someone quit smoking and doing everything you can, but eventually, it is their decision to decide whether to quit smoking. Do not give up, because you have thousands of supporters here behind you; we all wish that all smokers can live healthier lives.

We hope you can persist on to help your family or friend to quit smoking successfully. In order to assist you, we have researched and consolidated some of the most meaningful, fun and essential ways and tips to show that you care about him or her (smoker).

Will you be a hero?

Sixteen Ways to Help Someone Quit Smoking

  1. Listen to them
    Listening is one of the best things you can do. Let them feel good in front of you and start giving you the trust. Get them to talk about their hopes, ups and downs. Probe them to give their opinions and suggestions before you relate to your own thoughts at the right time. Nevertheless, the key thing is to be there to listen.
  2. Find out what they need
    Other than listening, getting to know what they need from you is very important in answering the question to how to help someone quit smoking. This will also trigger the thoughts of quitting smoking in their brains.
  3. Do not criticize, shame or nag at them
    Make them feel good and know that you appreciate them. Otherwise, there may be a negative effect, such that they will start to avoid or turn a deaf ear to you in future. Remember that unless you are an ex smoker, do not tell them that you know how it feels.
  4. Kill their doubts
    Smokers may have many doubts in quitting smoking. However, many smokers are not comfortable to talk face to face about their problems. You can therefore help them by letting them know about this website (SmokeForWhat).
  5. Give them the tools they need
    When smokers want to start quitting smoking, some tools can be useful to them. You can download and print a Quit Smoking Contract and Quit Smoking Checklist for them. You can also let them know if they are ready to quit smoking by taking a simple and short Quit Smoking Readiness Quiz.
  6. Stay humorous
    Make them happy and lighten them up. Tell them jokes and act stupid. Let them know that you care for them. This will also help to distract them from the urge to smoke.
  7. Reward them
    By giving them some rewards, they will be more motivated. Even small gift, such as candy or chocolate, or a simple massage can do wonders.
  8. Be there for them
    Try to make more times for them in case they start to feel lonely, which will cause them the urge to light up their cigarette sticks more. They may feel very low in confidence at times and you have to let them know that you have faith in them.
  9. Let them know you will be there for them
    Although actions speak louder than words, humans do need words to reassure. Not only that you do it, but you have to keep reminding them that you care and will be there for them whenever they need help.
  10. Give them simple aids
    Help them with small stuffs such as buying groceries, cutting of fruits and even giving them morning calls. Remind them to sleep early every night and tell them that they look fresher with less smoking. Every little thing means a lot.
  11. Keep them occupied to distract them
    Give them work to do! Think of something that you can offer to them and start getting them involved. Invite them for a game of chess, golf, gym or swimming session. Kill their boredom before boredom reminds them of smoking. You can also get them to take up classes such as yoga or baking. However, do bring them out only to non-smoking sections.
  12. Put up with their inconsistent attitude
    When smokers begin to quit smoking, they may feel the sudden change in their lives, and with the uncertainties, they may turn more hot-tempered in order to conceal their discomfort. You have to withstand their unexpected nonsense and try to reassure them.
  13. A smoker can help too
    Do not smoke in front of them to tempt them. Do not go near them right after you smoke because the smoke smell would dwell on your body and clothes for some time. Do not talk about smoking or show them any cigarette that you may have with you.
  14. Help them with their body image
    They may start to complain about weight gain. Get them to exercise and have proper diet, and have enough sleep, so as to reduce the problem.
  15. Reduce their stress
    Help them with whatever they need. Get them to take a break together and probably play a game to release the stress.
  16. Keep in contact with them
    Do not lose them. They need your support even after they quit smoking because they can easily relapse.

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