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Quit Smoking Readiness Quiz

Congratulation, smokers! If you are here, you are probably already thinking about quitting smoking. It may not be easy for some smokers but it is not impossible to do it.

The question is are you ready to quit smoking?

Our team has come out with a simple quit smoking readiness quiz (questionaire or test), to help you to test whether you are ready for it (Quitting smoking of course!). This rough guide will let you know if you need to work harder in order to achieve your goal.

Our quit smoking readiness quiz does not require you to fill in any of your particulars, and thus you can rest assure that your privacy is being respected at all times. You do not even need to download anything. After all, we just merely want to help smokers.

1 - Strongly Disagree, 2 - Disagree, 3 - Neutral, 4 - Agree, 5 - Strongly Agree
No. Statement (Question) 1 2 3 4 5
1 I do not like my smoking habit.
2 I would be happier if I quit.
3 Quitting for good takes a lot of time.
4 I am tired of the way smoking makes me feel.
5 I change my mind about quitting smoking from day to day.
6 I want to quit smoking for my health.
7 I want to quit smoking for my appearance (teeth, skin, hair, breath!) sake.
8 Most of my family members and friends want me to quit smoking.
9 I get some benefits from smoking.
10 I know the situations that trigger my urge for smoking.
11 I am willing to make some lifestyle changes, such as avoiding bars or even giving up coffee, to avoid situations that trigger my urge to smoke.
12 I feel good right now. My energy is high and my attitude is positive.
13 Things are going smoothly at work and at home.
14 I live with another smoker.
15 I want to feel in control.
16 Cigarettes are cheap and affordable.

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