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Volunteer Yourself!

Volunteer yourself

We are looking for:

  • Planners to start a community to organise and coordinate volunteers
  • Doctors to give professional medical advice
  • Counsellors to help smokers to quit smoking
  • Enthusiastic people to give suggestions and carry out plans
If you think you can offer help in any way, or if you think you might be able to spare some time when we need help, please do not be shy to let us know. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Simple helps you can offer

Currently, we are very in need of people who can do the following:
  1. Spread the existence of the site
  2. Provide contents for us
    • Post your comment on smoking on the main page.
    • If you have a story related to smoking, for example, how your friend or you manage to quit or suffer from smoking, let us know.
    • Take a photo of yourself with a “no smoking” sign or something similar and email us.
    • There are tonnes of information the site is lack of and you give them to us in order to speed up the processing of the page.
      1. Research on words related to smoking for our dictionary of smoking.
      2. Research on other ways to quit smoking.
      3. Research on other effects of smoking.
      4. Research on interesting videos and pictures about smoking.
  3. Feedback
    • There are definitely typographical error somewhere in the website or the pages may appear weird after our frequent update; do inform us if you see any of these!
    • You can be a creative person or you may have something great in mind, do let us know how we can improve the site.
    • Write us a testimonial!
  4. Join us
We cannot possibly do everything, but we cannot just sit back and do nothing.

Have you done your part to save others?

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Be an Ambassador!

You can be a hero to encourage smokers to quit smoking. Simply place the Anti-smoking logo on your website/blog.
Copy and paste the following code to your site:

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Why do you start smoking?

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