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Quit Smoking Contract

A Quit Smoking Contract, also known as Stop Smoking Contract, helps a smoker to increase his determination to quit smoking. It is a vow written on paper, in black and white, such that the smoker has to face his decision at all times. A Quit Smoking Contract is more useful than verbal promises to quit smoking because smokers tend to forget about their words.

We have drafted out a Quit Smoking Contract below for you. You may download the printable quit smoking contract at the bottom in PDF format. Hope it is helpful to you and your loved ones.

This quit smoking contract is contributed by SmokeForWhat to the society and at no time, any shall sell or distribute it with any profit.

I, ____________________________________ of age ____, agree to start to quit smoking today, dated _________.

I understand that by quitting smoking, I may experience some withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, nervousness and headaches. I may be in a low mood during this crucial period of my life but I will try my best to keep myself calm.

I understand that even though I am quitting smoking to improve my own health, this is also to ensure that everyone around me, including my loved ones, will not be inhaling second hand smoke due to my bad habit.



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You may also be interested in our Quit Smoking Checklist to monitor your cigarette smoking progress.

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