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About Us

A Smoking Advisory Group is a non-profit website to encourage smokers to quit and stop smoking. We provide necessary information to help smokers before, during and after their quit smoking process. We are also looking at more helps that we can provide in future.

Our History's planning and development started as early as in year 2007. The founder was a web development fanatic. With his childhood dream in mind to help smokers to get over their bad habit, he sought suggestions from his friends and eventually came out with the site name "Smoke For What", which was unique and trendy for the younger generations. He began with the designing of the site, scripting of the planned features, researching of information and copyrighting of contents all by himself, and thus it took longer time than he had expected in the midst of his other commitments.

The development was paused at the end of the year after he joined an educational institute (ITE College West) as a lecturer since he had to concentrate on enhancing the students' lives. He constantly saw the dark side of the society by witnessing young and ignorant teenagers smoking illegally and yet he could do nothing much to save them. At the beginning of the third year of his teaching career before he quitted from the highly responsible job, he stepped onto the project again and tidied up all he had done. During early 2010, he pushed the site to live, having to leave out some initially planned features and contents.

SmokeForWhat website version 1

New contents were added often and eventually the draft design looked too messy to keep them. At the end of June 2010, a new looks of the site, a trendier one, was presented. Meanwhile, further helps have been rendered by more kind people.

Our beliefs

We believe that everyone deserves better health and environment. Love can change and melt hearts, and so does sincerity. We may not be able to help everyone, but as long as we can save one smoker, we will never give up.

Our Motto

To remove or at least reduce the impact of smoking with our most sincere hearts.

Our Mission

Towards a smoke-free world with healthier bodies and minds.

Future Goals

We are working towards improving and injecting of more useful contents into the website and it will be an endless work. Though campaigns, we will try to raise awareness for public's right to inhale clean air. We are looking at collaboration with government sectors in future.

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Why do you start smoking?

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