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I quit smoking!

Just like many other smokers, Bruce Martin used to smoke everyday. He who finally realised the effects of smoking and had braved himself up to battle against the craving. He succeeded with his determination.

The proud smoking quitter has shared his success story about how he has managed to overcome the bad habit, with the hope of helping every smoker in this world.

Why I quit

i was tired of feeling tired. i do not get tired out as easy as i did before. as time goes on, my energy level seems to get better.
i used to want to take a break once every couple of hours. here lately, i go almost all day without a break.
i was tired of hacking up lung chunks every day or so. the congestion and weezing are pretty much gone.
i was tired of the smell in my house, my clothes and my truck. my truck still has lingering odor, but not enough to bother me.
i was tired of having to go outside and hide from customers to smoke. "i work retail"
i was tired of spending $40.00 a carton, a carton a week. do the math!
i was tired of having to make sure i had enough to get me through until i could get the chance to go buy more.
i was tired of stained teeth, but still working on that because i still drink lots of pepsi.
Emphysema, Lung Cancer, Throat Cancer, Tounge Cancer. Any others??
i guess that sums it up.

can you give me good reasons to continue smoking?

how i did it

i had been planning on quitting for a while. finally, i saw the chance. i had a two day break from work coming up. for the last few days of my smoking, i bought by the pack. then on the evening of 1/11, i was down to about half a pack. i went to pick up my wife from work. she works in a pharmacy. i asked her if she could get me nicorette. she could only get me the patches. i worked my way through the rest of the pack and with one left, i left it on my desk and went to bed. got up the next morning and broke and flushed it. been smoke free since. oh, and i never applied the patches that i picked up either. i have had some hard days and some easy days. i got sick 3 days after quitting. coughing, sneezing. i had to go to the doctor. i felt like crap for almost a week. the doctor told me it was my body healing and cleaning itself from the poisons. after about 4 weeks, the smokers' cough stopped. i seem to have the cravings more so at work. dealing with the work loads and various other stresses with retail can get rather tough. but by telling myself to keep on going, get this done, get that done, the cravings went away. i still have mild cravings now and then, but i can blow them off and continue about my day without giving in.
if anyone reading this has even considered quitting, what are you waiting for. quit. do it how ever you need to. just quit. the withdrawals can last anywhere from3-14 days, but usually after about 4-5, they get easier. drinking water or gatorade or vitamin water can help. they will help clean out your system faster.
if anyone reading this, decides to quit, or to try to quit, please let me know. i will be anyone's number 1 supporter.
believe me, quitting smoking is the best thing anyone can do for themselves and their families. oh, and believe it or not, if you have pets, they will benefit from it too.
my quit date is 1/11/2010. i have not smoked a cigarette since.

google this "why should i quit smoknig?" you will freak on how many results come up. and when you look from link to link, it is amazing the information you will find. it's almost scary.

last but not least, GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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