What is Smoke Slayer?
Smoke Slayer is a game which I work on for my Final Year Project (FYP). It is about a guy who fights against the evil cigarette company. Even though the story is frictional, it could happen in future if the problem isnít controlled now.

What joy have you gotten from doing this project?
I have conducted a survey, which helps me in finding out more about smoking. It also identifies friends who are willing to stand up for me when Iím in time of need.

Why did I choose this project in the first place?
Smoking has always being a big problem. It causes harms not only to the smoker himself, but also his family and friends. Everyone has the duty to overcome the problem.

What difficulties are you facing?
It is a challenge to game programming and the Flash MX program.

What education value does it hold?
Other than doing it as a school project, I hope to pass on the message of "Stop Smoking" to everyone. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking of a theme.

What is wrong with smoking?
Smoking causes health problems, air and land pollution. It wastes money and causes bad breathe too. Do you know that lighted cigarettes could cause fire? It is a matter of life and death. Chances are slim, but it doesnít mean it wouldnít happen.

Do you have any regret taking up this project?
When I started off totally clueless on how was to be done, I regretted badly. But as time goes by, the project starts off well and my enthusiasm to help promote anti smoking campaign arouses.

Why are you so enthusiastic in the campaign?
My dad died of lung cancer when I was at the age of 15. He was lucky to live for so long but not every smoker is so fortunate. I heard him cough daily ever since I have grown sensible and I hope my friends wouldnít follow my dadís footsteps. Iím aware of the pollutions caused by smoking also.

Do you think your project will cause big impact?
Even though a game alone wouldnít make much difference, I seek to put in my tiniest help to the society. "One hero isn't enough to win the war" - I'm sure we could solve the problem with more heroes stepping out.