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Men with high blood pressure who smoke are 26 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction, better known as impotence.

- researched by John Spangler, M.D., Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.
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For the next Generation is a non-profit website to encourage smokers to quit and stop smoking. We provide necessary information to help smokers before, during and after their quit smoking process.


Supplement pill on hand Our pages are categorised into four major sections, namely Consultation, Prescription, Apparatus and Supplement.

In "Consultation", we help you to find out more about cigarette smoking and their harms to help you to understand why you should quit smoking.

In "Prescription", just like receiving your medical advices from the doctor, you will get to know the important stuffs such as ways to quit smoking, how to manage cravings and withdrawal.

In "Apparatus", We supply you with free quit smoking tools such as quit smoking calculator, downloadable quit smoking checklist, and downloadable quit smoking contract.

Lastly, in "Supplement", just like vitamins, you will get all the extra benefits, such as the pictures, videos and jokes about smoking.

If this website has somehow managed to inspire or help you, or your friend, in any way, or if you have a story to share with us, feel free to email us and we will post it as an article on the website.

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Don't hate smokers

Because in every group of people, there are always some black sheep, do not blame it on all smokers just because many of them have created problems for non-smokers. However, each of us has a part to correct, or at least, stop them.

Dear Smokers,

At the point of time you exit this website, you may have chosen to ignore every fact about why smoking is bad. Nevertheless, do remember that regardless of whom you are, there is a group of people in this world, thousands in strength, wishing you can quit smoking for a better health.

If you have not decided to quit smoking for now, do bookmark this website so that you can refer to it in future when you are ready.

Life is Short, Play Hard!

All of us have our own choices to live our lives. Some people live to help others, while some live to enjoy themselves. Smokers may be enjoying cigarette smoking for the first few years of their smoking adventure; however, they may end up suffering for the rest of their lives. In the worst scenario, if they happen to live a long life, the torments stick with them throughout.

Why risk suffering in future while there are other ways to enjoy your life now?

Public's Comments

We all know that smoking is bad for health but many smokers, including our loved ones, still continue to smoke. We need to raise an awareness to let every smoker know that we care for them and wish that they would cherish their health more.

Start voicing out in the form below to encourage smokers to quit smoking.
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Death in family || more than 3 months ago
my father passed away a couple of days ago,he smoked for years at least a pack or two a day,i telling his story not to judge his life decisions,but to warn others of the dangers of cigarettes his health keep getting worse and worse it is difficult to see the man you look up to the most slowly wither away
2 | 8 votes
Apple Cake ;D || more than 3 months ago
Hey, sorry I haven't been on in awhile, I got busy... Any way, Dummy Love, That's pretty Sad. They are still your friends, and you shouldn't ditch them, but If they start smoking, just leave. Make sure they know the risks, but don't try and take their cigarettes or be rude. Just leave, and let them know you won't hang out with them when they are smoking.
P.S. Puppy Love, that Video game bit Is pretty true... I don't feel like playing video games ever again...
-3 | 7 votes
Puppy <3 is back || more than 3 months ago
Hey dummy love, that's really sad and I'm really srry 4 u. My best friend is A.C. and I think she can help u. Anyway, I made up this really cool idea about smoking! Ok here it goes:
Smoking is an addicting game that is unbeatable. The player always loses no matter what. There are always obstacles in the way and when the game ends; the player ends. Smoking is one of the United States' # 1 played game. The only way to beat the game is to quit before it's too late and you get stuck in the trap. So, be smart and don't start! You're too young to give up life so wait until it's your time; don't end when it's not even time too! We can all stop this game one step at a time and elimanate it from around the world! Join forces and eliminate this treason.

*Oh, and dummy love. Tell your pals that they're paying money to die. You basically pay money to the store owner for a cigarette, smoke it, and die. So, don't pay money to die. There are much more cooler ways to die.
3 | 5 votes
dummy love || more than 3 months ago
i have alot of friends that smoke and they really dont stop and they try to and i cant stand how they dont listen to me
1 | 5 votes
A.C returns... || more than 3 months ago
Thanks dude! And no, i don't have any problems... My grandmother smoked, but she stopped... same with my uncle. If anyone needs advice, ask me, cause I check often! (P.S. if your an official, or your the person who runs this website and wants me to stop, that's cool)
Anyway, Stay smoke-free!
5 | 5 votes
Puppy Love <3 || more than 3 months ago
Thx Apple Cake (1 of me bestest friends for REAL!!!!). That advice is really good and I'll definetly try it. Thx a lot! No, really... Do u have any smoking dilemnas that you need help with? I'm happy to try and help. If not, that's cool...
3 | 3 votes
Apple Cake :D || more than 3 months ago
Ok, Thanks Puppy Love (my friend In REAL!!!) Your right- your doing the right thing by trying to get your neighbors to stop. If they keep going, you need to respect their wishes. Maybe leave them notes telling them why it's bad. Don't sign them, but be considerate, and don't force them to do something if they don't want to. Although, second hand smoke is bad, and they should know it's affecting you and your family.
3 | 3 votes
Pup Love Returns || more than 3 months ago
My next-door neighbors smoke; true story. No joke. When ever I want to play outside, I always smell tobacco from the porch of my neighbors house. It gets really annoying and I'm sick of it. I try to tell them that it's bad for them and now they're deducing on the amount of smoke they smoke OUTSIDE! But, what about inside?! I don't know for sure but it could be true. I tried persuading them and I showed them lots of sites. I made deals with them and reassured them every other day! What more can I do? I need serious help from people! What should I do? Please help!
5 | 5 votes
Puppy Love <3 || more than 3 months ago
I agree with Apple Cake Again. Smokers are just like you and me but it's their choice on what they want to do with their life. Of course, smoking is very bad for you and smokers, don't take any risks. Some people might be like, "Hey, if I try smoking once than what's the problem?" You will still be infected and it will be addicting so before you know it, you'll be in the graveyard! So, trash the ash! DON"T SMOKE! Smoking is not good for you no matter how you think of it... Quit smoking before smoking quits you...
5 | 5 votes
Apple Cake Again || more than 3 months ago
Even though Smoking is very bad for you, like all you guys said, Smokers are people too. Insdie, they are normal Guys and Girls like us, who have just made some bad choices. We need to respect their choices though, and not get all in their face. If they want to smoke, fine! By now they should know alll the risks, but if they want to keep going, it's up to them. Although, if you are considering starting, just don't. It's bad for you- of course- and won't make you seem cooler. Just because people will respect your wishes doesn't make it any healthier.
6 | 6 votes

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